My Friends Could Beat Up Your Friends (But They Probably Wouldn't)

by Mistake Makers

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    90's Babies Art Collective #3
    A collection of songs about moving on, or at least trying to.

    Matt A - drums
    Steve Believe - guitar
    Rosie Toes - keys
    jawsh Carson - bass
    Ryley Beggs - guitar

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released March 1, 2011

Mixed, mastered, and produced by Jawsh Carson.
Lyrics by Steve Believe.




Mistake Makers Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Stabbings and Champions
This is someone else's scene
I'm an Immigrant
There's a party down the street
But I didn't get an invitation
I'll still show up at 2 or 3 Am
And oh good god I'll be belligerent
And firing all my guns

You can have back all the cash
And all the nights I wasted
Thinking that you'd fuck me
Like you did to the ones the river took
You can have back all the cut up bags
And superficial conversations
I'm having a clearance sale
On all my fucking baggage
Track Name: Earl
Waiting for a hurricane
To come and wash out the North end
Me and all of my friends
will sit on rooftops and sing

"The city I see is a different city
Than the city I see in my dreams
And the person I am is a different person
Than the person that I want to be"

Tonight it's curb-sit with gut-rot
From too many butt-smokes and refills
Tonight it's paint fingers and black sweaters
Oh you young criminals
Track Name: No Sleep 'Till Thunder Bay
No sleep till' Thunder Bay
Let the coffee dilate our eyes
It's gonna be a long drive (LONG DRIVE)
It's gonna be a long night
I'll look out for wildlife
If you look out for cops
We'll stop for refills
At all night restaurants

You know that I feel safe here
Wrapped up in the stories you tell
About being on the roadfersolong
You can't turn back now
I'll look out for yesterday
If you look out for cops
And we'll stop for refills
At all night donut shops

It's gonna be a long drive
It's gonna be a long night
Track Name: Up The Fuck Ups
You still have both your Nintendo controllers
Plugged into your 64
You play MarioCart against the computer
While the other controller gathers dust on the floor
I still order two cups of coffee
When I go out and I dine alone
I sit and sip one of them slowly
While the other cup just goes cold
And we're both left wondering where we went wrong
I swear that I loved you the best way I knew how

You still have all of the letters I sent you
As if I mailed them today
But the pages are getting brittle
And the ink is starting to fade
I still go by our old apartment
Buzz up to number 301
But the new tenant who lives there
Says he'll call the cops if I ever show up again
And we're both left wondering where we went wrong
I swear that I loved you the best way I knew how
Track Name: My Dead Friends Think You're a Shitty Comedian
Find the courage to lift my head
Off of this mattress stained with piss
From nights that I'd much rather forget
Find the courage to say the words
Before they die in the back of my throat
Like hold your tongue and that joke isn't funny anymore
Caskets for christmas
Friends that I will miss
Replaced by skeletons and ghosts
You say that it's harmless
But the scars on his arms say he's tired of going alone

I'm glad that you don't understand the tragedy
I wouldn't wish this on the worst of my enemies
But my dead friends think you're a shitty comedian
Track Name: We'll Always Have Paris
Leave your oven on and burn down your new apartment
If you decided to call
I'd turn up the stereo and ignore the phone
and if you decided to stop on by
I'd turn out the lights and pretend no one was home

'Cause I thought you were perfect
Like the lawns in the suburbs
But I found bones in your closet
and I found out you're just as fucked as me
I thought you were flawless
Like an auto-tuned pop song
But you've got less substance
Than a hair metal band covering a hair metal band